You wouldn’t like the person that I’ve become.

I’ve let the stress and pressure consume me. I don’t use other people as lifelines anymore; I’m drowning too deep. I choose work over experiences. I get anxiety and panic regularly. I don’t sleep very much anymore. When I’m tired, I’m kind of an asshole. I’m kind of an asshole a lot of the time. I’m scared to meet new people; it doesn’t take much to realize that I don’t have much together. I’m more of a liability than a pillar of support. My mind stopped wandering to the place it shouldn’t be; it took up fulltime residence. I don’t know what I love anymore and that breaks my heart. I’m glad you haven’t seen me. I’m afraid you would hate me.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! How are you?

Running From Tomorrow Answer:

I’m okay. This semester has been both a hell and a haven. I haven’t had much free time so I’m struggling to keep in contact with people. I haven’t been able to play basketball everyday. I joined a fraternity and so far I love it. I’m really sleep deprived. My classes are terribly difficult but I think I’m learning more than I have in the past. I still don’t have a job… 

tl;dr I’m fine as usual.